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#Repost - Simple means that someone either has posted this image again or has taken this image from another user and has reposted it on their own account. Usually when taken from another user a shout out is accompanied with it.

#tbt - This stands for Throw Back Thursday where people post old pictures on Instagram.

#Shoutout - Its when you want to give a shout out to someone to help them get more followers.

#l4l, #likeforlike - Simply means a like for a like. You like one of their photos and they will like one of your photos back.

#f4f, #follow4follow - Simply means a follow for a follow. You follow their account and they will follow yuor account.

#c4c, #comment4comment - Simply means a comment for a comment. You comment on their picture and they will comment on your picture.

#nofilter - Basically means they picture posted on Instagram has no Instagram filters applied to it.

#iphonesia - Usually refers to Indonesia / East Asia Users

#latergram - When a picture is not posted right away but posted at a later time.

#IGers - It stands for "Instagrammers" and pretty much any picture can be posted with this tag.